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minimal-Reviews – A Book Review Blog.

This is the English translation of the well-known Hungarian blog, minimál-Kritikák. It features high-quality book reviews from various genres (sci-fi, crime, fantasy, fiction). Hey, the reviews about romantic novels solely owe their existence to coincidence! (It was difficult to get hold of books during Covid-19.)

The translation only applies to books available in English editions.*


dr. gunga minimal reviews book blogger

dr. gunga – lead author.

A hobby (and former quarantine) blogger – humanist, altruist, naturist, tourist.

Under the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, he began to write easily digestible yet SURPRISINGLY well-crafted book reviews – while hoping for a brighter future, he was sitting in his home office. Before this period, he never wrote anything. Just read. Well, not SO much. (Supposedly TOO much reading isn’t good for the brain.)

After the subsiding of the coronavirus, for inexplicable reasons, he couldn’t stop writing posts. Now, as his retirement approaches, he consoles himself with the belief that writing will help him maintain that thing in his head, that thing starting with the letter “m,” you know, the one that helps you remember things.


dr mork minimal reviews book blogger

dr. mork – an information technology expert.

The creative mastermind behind the blog engine.

After years of pleading, he still refuses to change the blog’s background to a faint lemon yellow. (Perhaps he finds the payment insufficient.) Dr. mork also handles the English translation of this aspiring but sophisticated blog.

His clumsily concealed intention is to recoup his modest financial losses through the future molenetization of the blog. Juventus ventus! Nothing to be done, young people these days are only interested in material things! According to unconfirmed rumours, he enlists the help of his high school niece preparing for an English language exam for the translation. For peanuts. It doesn’t matter. Just get it done.


aunt maggie minimal reviews book blogger

Aunt Maggie – control group.

A cantankerous, chain-smoking old lady.

After misanthropy took over her, and she rarely leaves her apartment, she compels the other members of the blog’s editorial team to supply her with books. (In addition, she stores approximately 9,500 crime novels in extreme conditions in her attic.)

She has only vague ideas about the World Wide Web. She has no faintest notion that she is a member of the editorial staff. Kisses from here too!

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Everyone, please moderate yourselves, Akkes Bakkes!


* Dr. mork – with his VERY FIRST action – managed to translate a review of a book (Faroe by Remigiusz Mróz) that hasn’t been published in English. Who the hell is ever going to read this post?! Even if Remigiusz Mróz is the most popular author in Poland. (At least according to his OWN claims.)