Locke ​& Key Master Edition 1. by Joe Hill · Gabriel Rodriguez – Comic Book Review

Locke ​& Key Master Edition 1. (Locke & Key 1-2.) by Joe Hill · Gabriel Rodriguez

A mother, after the tragic death of her husband, moves back to her childhood home, the KEY HOUSE, with her three children… where various keys scattered throughout the house open different doors, leading to physical places, like our dear Aunt Maggie’s pantry, or sometimes, right into someone’s BRAIN… Clever!

However, someone else is also looking for these darn keys.

Who is it? Well, that person is certainly a scumbag…

And this is probably the first comic book I didn’t get bored reading. Despite Joe Hill’s dreadfully overwritten, seemingly novel-like, hefty brick (Spore, NOS4A2), the story is particularly tight. It’s thrilling, twisty, dramatic, touching, funny. And occasionally a bit sexy too.

(I only encountered one problem during my enjoyment: the text bubbles were filled with such tiny letters that I had to borrow my hundred-year-old grandma’s eyeglasses from about six or seven eyeglass generations ago. From then on, I could view the font size quite differently, thankfully.)

I wouldn’t wholeheartedly recommend Hill and Rodriguez’s work to homophobes due to the prominent LGBTQ+ elements.

Nor to the faint-hearted due to the killings.

As for the visuals? Well, damn beautiful.


Locke ​& Key Master Edition 1. (Locke & Key 1-2.) by Joe Hill · Gabriel Rodriguez
328 pages, Hardcover
Published: June 2, 2015 by IDW Publishing

The Locke & Key Master Edition Volume 1 features the first two story arcs, “Welcome to Lovecraft” and “Headgames”

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